IMAP, Price Certainty and the American Worker

Can you picture a cluttered basement in Suburbia, USA? Non-descript cardboard boxes are stacked along the walls. The room is dimly lit by the flickering light on a computer monitor. The “salesman” is sitting at his desk counting the profits in his head while he is printing address labels. He starts to wonder if he will be able to make it to the post office before it closes. He realizes that it does not really matter. Today or tomorrow makes no difference to him. Mr. Salesman knows he has the easiest job in the world. He is his only employee: no receptionist, no technicians and no customer service. He never needs to deal with repairs or returns. He does not even have a phone number for them to call. It isn’t his problem if the customer is unhappy. Nor does he need to know the product he is shipping, only how to enter addresses into the computer. The last label finally comes out of the printer. It has your name and address on it. This is where you bought your new LED light bulbs and fixtures!

The salesman and his business described above are actually a thing of the past. In June 2007 the United States Supreme Court ruled that a manufacturer is not violating federal antitrust laws by setting the minimum online resale price for their goods (Creative Products, Inc. v. PSKS, Inc., et al.). The manufacturer also has the right to terminate a distributorship’s contract with their company if they sell below that limit. As a result, manufacturers in the lighting industry started IMAP, or Internet Minimum Allowed Pricing. IMAP takes the guesswork out of finding the lowest price.

Soon after the internet was developed and moved into the mainstream it became apparent that it could be used as a means to bolster commerce and name recognition. Companies like the basement guy began popping up everywhere. Their main goal was to undercut all competing business by charging a dollar profit and for many years it worked. These individuals were tarnishing well-respected name brands and their associated distributors through their underhanded tactics and everyone across the board was paying the price for this type of business.

With the ruling of the Supreme Court and the implementation of IMAP these basement dwellers are now a thing of the past. There is now certainty and confidence where there was none before. One can get on the internet and search for a product and know for a fact that they are looking at the lowest price legally determined by the manufacturer.

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The Best Leicht Cabinets Just Got Better

If you have shopped for top end cabinetry you already know Leicht to be a highly desirable product. The number one cabinet both in consumer research reports as well as actual market share. The precision and attention to detail of these German engineered units is unsurpassed.

What you may not know is the the Leicht company has found a way to make their beautiful cabinets even more attractive even though the improvements are not visible when looking at these stunning cabinets. As of June 28, 2011, all units will have the new hinge generation with integrated cushioning. This makes the door hinges individually adjustable without using any tools. All hinges have the integrated cushioning which is concealed in the hinge arm on every type of hinge they manufacture. The door-gap adjustment may be adjusted to three ways to set the door and cabinet perfectly. Retrofitting is made simple by the new hinge drill hole being engineered to exactly match the previous hinge configuration.

The resulting cabinet fits and functions even more smoothly and easily every time the door is opened or closed. It is this attention to detail and commitment to excellence that makes purchasing Leicht cabinetry a wise choice. The cabinets are available in a European industry leading selection of styles and doors. The Leicht cabinets are known for having the best box available and excellent hardware. Now the hardware has improved with the cutting-edge integral cushioning technology.

The outcome of adding the new hinges to the already stellar reputation of Leicht cabinet quality are cabinets that will undoubtedly find their way into the homes of discerning buyers.

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The Best Place in New York for Cabinets

Cabinets complete your kitchen just like making your bed completes your room. However, it is quite a bigger challenge to find where the best place in New York for cabinets are. I searched day and night, online and through word of mouth, but it wasn’t until I found that I was satisfied. I must have had over 2 dozen brochures and even more websites bookmarked to compare cabinet choices and pricing before I found and I am thankful every day that I did!

Their modern cabinets that I browsed were so sleek and downright gorgeous that I knew I had completed my seemingly endless search. I ordered a free brochure and spoke with a representative and was so pleased with all the information, pricing and service I received from this company, that I had to let others know. Their website is very user friendly and informative just as all parts of their company are. It is companies like this one that the public needs to know about. I am so satisfied with my cabinets and so are my guests!

If you have been looking for the best place in New York for cabinets, I feel your pain, but if you have found this review and others like it, then find yourself in luck because there truly is no need to shop elsewhere. You will love their cabinet selections and I know that when I decide to redo other parts of my kitchen or lighting, I will use from now on.

Thank you MyHome MyPlanet, you made all my cabinet dreams come true!

Jill W.

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LED Coupon


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My Home My Planet Review

My Home My Planet, are the leading design specialists in kitchen cabinetry and home renovation products in New York. They offer a wide variety of materials for any kind of kitchen whether indoor or outdoor, including custom cabinetry, and client satisfaction is their most important priority.
Known for offering the best cabinetry lines from a wide selection of suppliers for the best products, you can have a beautiful kitchen, bathroom, office or library of your dreams whether it be custom or semi-custom work for all sizes and budgets. If you are looking to create a modern style kitchen, the best brand out there is Leicht. As the #1 brand in Germany, as stated, they do combine their German precision and engineering for a beautiful kitchen you can call your own. You get Leicht’s best customizable options along with excellent customer service all at an affordable price.
Looking through My Home My Planet’s website you can browse through Leicht’s catalogue of designs and photos. They don’t just design modern, they give modern luxury and amenities with any look and style you are looking for from traditional, to contemporary, elegant to high deluxe. There are also twenty other cabinet lines available for great stock cabinetry, semi-custom cabinetry, custom cabinetry, highend custom cabinetry, and outdoor kitchen cabinetry.
When you contact My Home My Planet their staff will help you with all your needs and offer an in home consultation to help with the decision-making process. My Home My Planet is definitely the definitive in one stop shopping and customer convenience in home renovation for any kind of kitchen project online or in-person.

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Why You Should Use LED Lighting In Your Home or Business

When your next light bulb goes dark for good you should consider replacing it with LED lighting. LED lighting has revolutionized the way people light their homes and businesses. It can last up to 100,000 hours while the traditional incandescent bulb only lasts about 5,000 hours. That means that a LED light can last up to twenty-two years at 50% operation or up to eleven years with continuous operation.

LED lighting is also the environmentally friendly lighting source. LED bulbs use about 80% of the energy sent to the bulb for light. They lose the remaining 20% of energy as heat. An incandescent bulb does just the opposite, it uses 20% of the energy it gets for light and loses 80% as heat. The money saved by a LED light bulb because it is not losing the excess energy to heat is tremendous.

So, you like LED lighting so far, but what about the cost? Admittedly, LED bulbs cost more. You have to consider that they last longer while saving you money on electricity. They are a long term investment that will save you money. Think about the cost this way. What would you spend more money on, a car of your own or a taxi ride? They both accomplish the same task, but you would spend more money on your own car. Why? Well, you’d get more use out of it in the long term and possibly save money if you needed a ride everyday because taxis are expensive. The same is true of incandescent light bulbs; they get the job done, but they don’t last very long and are expensive to use. If you choose a LED lighting system instead you may pay more, but you can have up to twenty-two years of use out of it and it will save you money on electricity.

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LED Lighting, now that’s a bright idea!

So you may be asking yourself why you should consider LED lighting in your home. That admittedly is a great question which we hope to answer. First and foremost there is really no way to effectively compare LED lighting to traditional incandescent style light bulbs. The reason being is that LED lighting is in a whole other realm in terms of cost and efficiency. The current life span of a white LED lamp is approximately 100,000 hours of continuous operation. For those who do not want to do the math we did it for you; that is astonishing life span of almost 11 years! In terms of efficiency and/or power consumption a properly designed LED circuit is the polar opposite of a system consisting of incandescent style light bulbs, literally. To put it in other terms an ideal LED circuit can approach 80% efficiency which basically means that 80% of the electrical current is converted to light energy while the remaining 20% is lost as heat energy. A traditional incandescent buld typically looses 80% of its energy to heat while only converting 20% to light energy. That means when using incandescent bulbs 80% of the cost of your electric bill is going to heat your house! The energy savings does not take into account the relatively short life span of incandescent bulbs and the cost to replace them. So if you are looking for an energy efficient upgrade to your home that also looks great than look no further than our extensive line of LED lighting options.

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